Heartland Health Network (HHN) is a partnership between the African American faith-based community, academic health centers, and community-based health service organizations. The goal of the HHN is to build on the strengths of all partners in order to better develop, deliver and support effective health programming for faith and community -based organizations. HHN aims to involve all partners in the development and dissemination of innovative, research-based strategies to improve the health of the African American community.
The formation of the HHN represents a groundbreaking step in addressing the persistent health disparities that exist in the African American community. It is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of federally funded research conducted by its founding partners: the University of Missouri-Kansas City Department of Psychology, Calvary Community Outreach Network, and KC Free Health Clinic.

We aim to broaden our network to become a regional entity inclusive of additional faith based organizations and other community sectors (other health care facilities, schools, media) working collaboratively with faith based organizations to address the numerous health disparities.


Reduce health disparities by facilitating the use of effective health promotion and research strategies through an equitable collaborative network.

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Linking and Learning for Healthy Living

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